An inside look at the neuron network of the human brain

On March 9th, your knowledge of the human brain will be challenged and revitalized through years of research and understanding conjured by the brilliant Dr.Marian Diamond. With over two million dedicated YouTube followers and a penchant for toting around a brain in a box, her special is bound to astound viewers. The PBS documentary and web series is focused on the revered medical efforts of Dr. Marian Diamond who made headlines by performing the very first scientific analysis of Dr. Albert Einstein’s brain.

The highly anticipated PBS special follows Dr. Marian Diamond through her enthusiasm, discoveries and teachings in relation to the human brain. XVIVO proudly collaborated with PBS to develop scientific animation clips to supplement the audience with engaging visual content. WIth assistance from animated clips, viewers will learn interesting facts, anatomy and receive instruction on how to live life happier and healthier. For instance, did you know that love actually improves your brain and helps you live longer? This is among one of Dr. Diamond’s fascinating discoveries she is able to share with viewers through the empowering PBS documentary series. Viewers will learn about the brain’s complex construction, romantic and emotional triggers and how to positively co-exist in this ever-changing universe. The special provides interesting information which captivates viewers and gives us answers we’ve all been wondering about.

Facts about Dr. Marian Diamond

Proudly featured as one of the founders of modern neuroscience, Dr. Diamond is a highly-regarded mentor, respected professor and revolutionized the field of science. Throughout her career she has dramatically changed society’s view on biology and successfully entered the world of science, during an era where few women entered the field. Though at the time, Dr. Diamond was shunned by her male peers, she continued her research in due diligence and followed her heart and brain, creating several paradigm shifts on the way. Her tried and true motto remains “In order to get to the answers that matter, you have to start by asking the right questions.”

Dr. Marian Diamond’s contributions

The world renowned scientist has many major accomplishments under her belt. Having documented the dramatic consequences of brain development in a poor environment compared to a wealthy one, and livening up the instruction of brain anatomy, Dr. Diamond contributes to her field in a new light.

Her achievements also include: Nobel Prize Recipient, Professor, Departments of Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, Physiology & Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University

Benefits of Dr. Diamond’s Research + When the special airs on PBS

Dr. Diamond’s passion and integrity empower her to research subjects which have the potential to impact all human beings. Learning through the journals, visual instruction and broadcasts of the scientist can help us become more empowered about our own biological make-up. Tune in March 9th, 2017 to learn more about your own brain during “My Love Affair with the Brain.”