Case Study: XOLREMDI™ CXCR4 Antagonist Animation

XOLREMDI™ WHIM Syndrome MOA Animation

Project Overview

X4 Pharmaceuticals enlisted our expertise to create compelling 3D visuals for the launch of their new therapeutic, XOLREMDI, designed to treat WHIM syndrome. Our objective was to develop a comprehensive 3D medical animation and 3D imagery for a brochure aimed at healthcare professionals.


We faced the challenge of creating dynamic animation and illustrations for a therapeutic that was still in the approval process, while X4 Pharmaceuticals was simultaneously establishing their branding.


Research & Script

Our primary goal was to convey the complexity of WHIM syndrome and demonstrate how XOLREMDI addresses the underlying cause of the disease. The script highlighted the various manifestations in patients with WHIM syndrome, emphasizing myelokathexis (the retention of neutrophils in the bone marrow) present in nearly all patients. We introduced how variants of the CXCR4 protein lead to this retention and how targeting this receptor allows white blood cells to migrate and perform their functions effectively.

The narrative was meticulously crafted based on extensive data, avoiding clinical claims to accommodate potential changes in indication and messaging during production.

Mood Boards

We established a clear vision for the piece’s aesthetic and tone early on. Using the branding under development, we curated images from our previous work and other resources to inspire the look. This helped maintain consistency across all visual elements.

Mood Boards


The storyboard phase presented the challenge of working with an adaptable script. To account for potential changes in indication, we avoided depicting patients or specific clinical outcomes. Instead, we visualized the various symptom combinations among patients and the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the disease. Creatively, for the cellular story we chose to have the camera itself behave like a cell. When we describe migration into the circulation, the camera follows, and when we discuss retention in the bone marrow, the camera gets trapped as well.

Storyboard Images

This phase also allowed us to identify the images needed for the brochure, ensuring a cohesive development of both assets.


Look Development

We explored several options for representing the molecular and cellular characters. Ultimately, we chose designs that effectively illustrated the CXCR4 variant and its impact on overmature leukocytes. The final visuals featured a distinctive yellow glow on the protein and corresponding glows within the overmature neutrophil.

Look Development Images


With the storyboards and look development defined, we proceeded with the animation. A key focus was illustrating CXCR4’s internalization within the cell. We dynamically portrayed these structures being engulfed by the membrane.

Animation Test

Throughout the animation phase, we remained agile, implementing voiceover tweaks based on FDA feedback to keep production efficient and timely.


Simultaneously, we refined the illustrations for the brochure. An adaptation from the animation phase was the introduction of a cross-section interface between bone marrow and bloodstream, which effectively depicted migration in a single image.


Client Praise: XVIVO’s Collaborative Approach and Exceptional Quality

“The XVIVO team led us through the video creation process from script writing and animation through the voiceover and music.  It was a very interactive process, with multiple opportunities to provide feedback to refine how the video came to life. 

Through their excellent project management, the project stayed on our planned timeline. We are very pleased with the animation – an engaging and scientifically accurate video which draws our viewer into both our disease state and how the drug’s mechanism specifically addresses the issue in the pathophysiology of disease. Customer feedback on the quality of the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

I would recommend XVIVO for colleagues looking for a high quality, well-produced video delivered through a collaborative and timely process!” – Vice President, Marketing,  X4 Pharmaceuticals