Maverick Therapeutics collaborated with the XVIVO team to create a scientific animation that brought to life the highly complex and novel mechanism of action behind Maverick’s pioneering approach to T cell-engaging immunotherapies. A product of brilliant protein engineering, Maverick’s COBRA™ therapeutic platform generates conditionally active bispecific T cell engagers designed to eliminate solid tumors.  

Unlike other inherently active T cell engagers, COBRAs only become active, potent T cell engagers once acted upon in the tumor microenvironment, and remain inactive when attached to healthy cells. COBRA molecules also have a built-in safety mechanism that extends their half-life prior to activation.

This component physically detaches once the molecule is activated within the tumor microenvironment, allowing for rapid elimination of active molecules once the tumor has been eradicated and reducing the chance of damage to nearby healthy tissue. 

Maverick’s unique approach is designed to overcome the limitations of inherently active T cell engagers, which generate dose-limiting toxicities at the moment efficacy is observed. Maverick’s in vivo data demonstrates that COBRAs can fully regress established tumors at doses well below the toxic dose, validating that this technology offers a wider therapeutic window and could be a major breakthrough for people with solid tumor cancers. Learn more about this animation in our blog, T Cell Engaging Therapies for Solid Tumor Cancers: The Maverick Approach

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