With XVIVO’s interactive medical animation, we invite participants to immerse themselves in the microscopic realm. From design to implementation, our team can translate your complex vision into an engaging, thought-provoking, and memorable experience.

Capable interactive medical animation effectively provides virtual tours of medical facilities, improves patient experiences, enhances health and safety training, and educates students. Compared to traditional medical animation, this immersive technology puts control of the narrative and its subject in viewers’ hands. Our team will work closely with you to fulfill your vision, and bring it to your audience in a practical, intriguing, and authentic manner.

interactive medical media

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) medical experiences immerse medical professionals and patients in biology at the molecular level. We’ve come a long way since Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace.

Virtual reality particularly benefits Physicians. In virtual reality space, they can view the body from any perspective.  Or they can take on a new role entirely.  For instance, in XVIVO’s Virtual Reality Celluverse, the user acts as a drug delivery agent who prevents a cell from becoming cancerous. Patients have the opportunity to walk through procedures, answering their questions and easing their anxiety.

Step inside some of our recent VR experiences and imagine what VR can offer you.  VR Celluverse, Cell Power Virtual Lab, and Listerine VR.

interactive medical applications

Application Development

Interactive applications equip viewers with a comprehensive learning tool, one that assembles images, videos, text, and other relevant information into a seamless journey. Rather than dumping information on your viewers, interactive applications enable users to explore your project at their own pace.

Please explore a recent example of our work. Novocure Touch Screen Application.