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medical animation

Medical Animation

Medical animation is a scientifically accurate visualization of an aspect of science or medicine, and is ideal for topics that are hard to convey through words or still images alone. Medical animation can allow the audience to understand the inner workings of the body, device, or scientific processes, and clearly explain the important factors at play.

We’ll help you take your audience on a journey with a compelling story arc and a clear narrative line in a way that powerfully expresses your science, captures your viewers’ attention, and memorably delivers your educational message.

Medical Illustration

Medical illustrations are tools to communicate science in an easily digestible fashion, online and in print. A particular strength of medical illustration is that it allows systems and processes to be captured in a single image. By contrast medical animation presents information sequentially over time.

Medical illustration is a powerful asset to many disciplines. It is an essential tool for communicating your drug’s mechanism of action to healthcare providers; it helps investors understand your science, and it supports doctor-to-patient communication.

medical interactive

Medical Interactive

Well-designed interactive experiences make the intricacies of the human body readily understood to professionals, investors, scientists and lay audience.

XVIVO specializes in virtual reality. We have the skill to develop virtual reality experiences appropriate to a wide variety of settings including trade shows, classrooms, points of care, and training environments. We know how to create virtual reality experiences that are compelling, motivating, memorable and life changing–encounters that professionals, patients, and students will value and remember.

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