Working closely with Maven Communications, we developed a 3D MOA animation for Novartis illustrating the mechanism of action of Sandostatin LAR. Sandostatin LAR is indicated for the treatment of patients with symptoms associated with functional gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Sandostatin, is a somatostatin analogue. Somatostatin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps control the secretion of pancreatic and intestinal hormones that are involved in digestion. Sandostatin mimics the structure and actions of natural somatostatin over longer periods of time.

It is available in a slow-release formulation called Sandostatin Long-Acting Repeatable, or LAR. Sandostatin LAR works at the site of the tumor to provide control of advanced midgut NET and symptoms associated with GEP NET, resulting in effective disease management for many patients.

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