Revolutionizing the imaging capacity of data, Nikon Instruments Inc is proud to unveil the new Eclipse Ti2 Inverted Research Microscope. Serving as the successor to the esteemed ECLIPSE Ti Research Microscope the Ti2 differs by delivering an unparalleled 25mm line of vision, up to two times as wide as competing systems.

As well as enhanced user support and applicability, the Ti2 additionally provides resourceful functions to navigate its users through imaging workflows via collective data from focal sensors which eradicates circumstances of user missteps. This effortless imaging experience grants experimental researchers the ability to target their acquired data.

In anticipation of the release of the Ti2 in January 2017, our team composed a 4-part series of animations to highlight the spectacular features of this research microscope. It is safe to say the Ti2 Inverted Research Microscope will truly transform the way users capture data by way of supreme quality imaging.