The Process



The first step of any project is research. Our teams perform a comprehensive review of the literature relevant to your topic, and ensure they understand your science inside and out. We collect molecular structures, study key pathways, and create preliminary drafts to figure out the best way to communicate complex mechanisms with minimal risk of misconception.



The script is the bedrock of any animation; it provides structure to the story, determines the scope of detail, and dictates visual progression.

Our experienced medical writers are exceptional scientific communicators. They understand how knowledge reaches and is received by different audiences and ensure the accuracy and clarity of your scientific concepts. Working from primary literature, they discern what and how information should be presented for optimal efficacy.



Our highly trained medical illustrators create storyboards that consist of black-and-white sketches of each scene. These provide a first look at how the words match up to the visuals, and how transitions are made between different parts of the story.

The storyboards detail everything that will take place in the final program, including voice-over narration, key visual events, and text-on-screen.



The animatic is an un-rendered, preliminary stage of animation, limited in colors, textures, and lighting.

The purpose of the animatic is to allow your team to review the basic motion, narrative pacing, and overall progression of the piece.



The rough animation is a rendered animation that addresses feedback from the animatic stage. Some colors, textures, and lighting are incorporated to establish the general look of the piece.

At this point, we also incorporate your professional voice-over, as well as custom sound design and any required text-on-screen.



The final animation addresses feedback from the rough stage and is rendered in full-HD for final review. We incorporate all the finishing touches, and include any necessary logos, project codes, and/or legal statements.

Once approved, we deliver the animation in all required file formats.