Celebrating Our Journey with Connecticut Innovations

As a Connecticut-based company, we’re not just located in the state; we are an integral part of its vibrant ecosystem of innovation and progress. Our pride in being a Connecticut company runs deep, fueled by the opportunities to collaborate with remarkable inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs. These collaborations are not just projects; they’re milestones in a journey toward groundbreaking advancements in technology and science.

Our partnership with Connecticut Innovations (CI) epitomizes this journey. CI, with its steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and providing critical funding and support, has been instrumental in nurturing the technology sector across Connecticut. It’s through this partnership that we’ve had the honor to work alongside passionate individuals dedicated to making significant contributions to medicine and science.

A Closer Look at Our Collaborations

XVIVO’s expertise in scientific visualization has brought complex biological and technological processes to life, making them accessible and engaging for broad audiences. These animations are clear examples of how our professional medical animations can be a game changer when companies need to explain the value of their science to attract new investors and strategic partners.

Enrich Biosystems: Enrich’s animation details their TROVO system, a novel microgel lithography cell capture and discovery platform that allows cells to be monitored under native culture conditions, enabling longer experimental timelines and cell behavior analysis.

Enrich Biosystems TROVO Animation

ProteoWise: This animation details ProteoWise’s Hyperblot instrument and shows how their groundbreaking, rapid multiplexed proteomics system enables flexible, rapid, focused, automated proteomic sample analysis.

ProteoWise Hyperblot Animation

Encapsulate BIO: Encapsulate develops automated tumor-on-a-chip systems that envisage the clinical response of cancer patients. They screen microtumors derived from patient biopsies against clinical treatment regimens and generate personalized insights on the patient’s response profile in under 7 days.

Encapsulate BIO Animation

Our journey with Connecticut Innovations is a testament to the potential of collaboration, community, and technology. We are excited about the stories of innovation we will tell next, the partnerships we will forge, and the lives we will impact. In every frame and every animation, we are not just illustrating science; we are animating the heartbeat of progress in Connecticut.