We are often awestruck by the life-changing potential of our clients’ work. Their passion inspires us every day. It is our job to meet them at this apex of innovation and provide them with the proper means to showcase their work. One way in which we strive to tell their story is through our experiential, eye-catching, interactive technologies.

Our latest interactive showreel highlights our work in these modalities. It walks you through some of the ways we have turned our clients’ complex scientific visions into engaging hands-on experiences.

We’ve used VR programs to teach people about oral healthcare by transporting users inside a virtual mouth to learn about dysbiosis… and we’ve virtually shrunken students into a human cell and tasked them with saving it from imminent death.

Interactive app that gamifies the oxygenation of red blood cells in the lungs

Our interactive tablet applications have been used to show how cancer affects the body and how the heart works. Touchscreen applications have also been developed for trade shows to guide the curious through complex scientific findings and data.

Whether it is presenting your work at trade shows, capturing the attention of a busy physician, or educating your patients, let XVIVO help your story stand out from the rest with active experiences that educate, excite, and inspire your audiences.

Check out our interactive page to see more of our work.