Predator Platform Technology Animation

Cancer treatment has been increasingly moving toward harnessing the body’s natural functions as a way to attack tumor cells, such as immunotherapy. XVIVO recently partnered with Werewolf Therapeutics to create an animation about their INDUKINE molecules and how the molecules could transform immunotherapy as it is practiced today.

Werewolf’s molecules in development harness the power of native cytokines to engage the body’s immune system. The INDUKINE molecules are built from 4 unique domains and are designed to be conditionally activated when they reach the tumor microenvironment by taking advantage of the unique proteases found there that will cleave the INDUKINE.

tumor microenvironment

The animation takes us on a journey through the body as the 4 INDUKINE domains are introduced and shown in action with their respective targets. Learn more about this animation in our blog: Werewolf Therapeutics PREDATOR platform.

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