Vividion Targeted Protein Therapeutic Animation
covalent therapeutic molecules

XVIVO had the pleasure of working with Vividion Therapeutics on a 3D medical animation for their covalent molecule platform. Vividion is creating these covalent therapeutic molecules to address diseases and targets that were previously considered inaccessible or “undruggable”.

The dynamic environment of a 3D medical animation is well suited to convey concepts, such as covalent bonds, that can be difficult to describe only through words or a static image. For example, this animation depicts the attraction and strength of a small covalent molecule bonding to its target protein, both through the movement of the two molecules relative to each other and to the sound effects that are simultaneously layered over the visuals to further emphasize the action.

covalent bonds
potent and precise molecules

To find suitable covalent therapeutic candidates, the screening process takes place in the native cellular state, which provides data on millions of molecular interactions. Vividion’s potent and precise molecules can usher in a new paradigm of therapeutics that will enable novel opportunities and address critical needs in many diseases.

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